The Boldheart Business Launch is now open!  Just $97 per month pay-as-you-go
General Tuition pricing expires on September 26th at 10am EST.
Finally make the money you want & deserve with The Boldheart Business Launch Program
Discover Our ‘Step-By-Step’ Client Attraction System That Teaches You How To Consistently Attract All The Ideal, High-Paying Clients You Need (Even If You’re Starting From Scratch)...
YOU DESERVE TO STOP STRUGGLING trying to grow YOUR BUSINESS, and make the money you want being self-employed.
Attract more clients, make more money and save yourself years of time and frustration in the process.
The Boldheart Business Launch Program helps you grow your business through easy-to-implement marketing, sales & business growth strategies that have already helped thousands of women business owners to grow their client base and make more money than ever before.
Results From other women
in the boldheart community

So what's included in this highly-affordable Monthly Business Coaching Program?

In the Launch Program, each month, we will dive into one of the best Client Attraction principles that will show you exactly how to attract more ideal, high-paying clients, make money and grow your business to the next level.


Join Fabienne for a live, monthly, marketing and sales training on what it takes to consistently market and grow your business. You'll get strategies, worksheets and exercises to help you attract more clients, make more money and experience a business with freedom, meaning and impact. Each month, Fabienne teaches new concepts exclusively for members of this program.


Get answers to your marketing questions during monthly live Q&A sessions with Fabienne. Need guidance or clarity? Fabienne is here to help you navigate your business growth journey with your peers in the Boldheart Business Launch program.


Share your wins, bring your questions, and most importantly, create friendships in our members-only forum with the rest of your Boldheart Tribe walking the path of business growth alongside you.


When you join Boldheart Launch today, you'll get this complimentary bonus with your membership! The 2020 Planning & Strategy Session will map our everything you need to do daily from this day forward so that you can get more clients and build a bright, exciting vision for the future ahead.
“This program is mind-opening. More importantly, it delivers. The strategies in this program helped me increase my business revenue by 35%, and freed up precious time. 

If you’re not yet sure about joining this program, my advice would be to imagine yourself 12 months from now, with a 35% increase in your revenue, with less overwhelm and a clear direction for your business.”

— Rucsandra Mitrea
Distraction and confusion are the enemy OF YOU MAKING MORE MONEY BEING SELF-EMPLOYED.
What you need is a proven framework for getting clients, one that’s super easy to follow, one that doesn’t take a lot of time, one that feels like it’s plug-and-play. 

The last thing you need is complexity or lots of bright shiny objects. 

In addition to the strategy, you need focus and a place to bring your pressing questions.

More than anything, you need others to do it with you, a loving group of people to play this game with, so it’s fun and you don’t feel alone anymore. 
"What makes this training really good is the simplicity and focus that it offers. 

Since beginning the program less than a month ago, I formed a proprietary system and scheduled eight workshops that will support the launch of my new online programmes in less than three months. 

My advice if you’re on the fence about getting this program is go for it. Go for the maximum involvement with Boldheart that you can manage. The energy and support of Fabienne and her team, as well as the Boldheart community, has to be experienced to be believed. Best decision ever!"

 — Dr Giuliana Fenech B.A.(Hons)(Melit.), M.A.(Melit.), Ph.D.(N'cle.)
  • ​How to attract and convert the EXACT clients who will pay you what you’re worth, get great results and send you referrals.
  • Get proven techniques you can apply right away so as not to have to reinvent the wheel on your own.
  • Receive specific tools for you to use, instead of starting from scratch, so that you will “just add water” to successfully grow your business.
  • ​Show you the simple integrous actions that generate the highest levels of income and achievement (do this, not that).
  • Make more money than you’re making now, while enjoying being in business for yourself more than ever before.
  • ​Implement systems so that you consistently market your services easily and can finally stop struggling to get clients, for good.
  • ​Learn how to create your own simple marketing plan to start seeing results in just a few days.
  • ​How to determine which target market will yield more revenue quickly.
we have made this a small investment with guaranteed outcomes so you can learn, work & grow... risk-free
To make it easy for you to get the help and guidance you truly need, I’ve made it a very affordable investment with our Monthly Pay-As-You-Go Plan.
With your commitment, and our step-by-step guidance, support, and expert coaching, it’s as close as anything gets to a sure thing.

The real risk lies in the income you would never know you could have achieved if you didn't gift yourself this super-affordable opportunity of coaching.
$97 a month to be personally coached by a multi 7-figure business coach with heart? Yes, it's now possible.
Billed Monthly
  • Access To Monthly Training with Fabienne
  • Access To Monthly Coaching with Fabienne
  • Jumpstart Call with Boldheart Advisor
  • Access to Private Member Community
  • BONUS: Planning & Strategy Session with Fabienne
The 2020 Planning and Strategy Session that maps out everything you need to do daily to get clients. This video session with Fabienne is all about helping you create your big vision and goals for your business in 2020. We will be teaching our best vision, goal setting and business growth strategies that you can start implementing right away for fast results.
"What makes this training so valuable is that it WORKS. In more ways than I ever imagined. Before beginning the program, I didn't know how to work on marketing my business EVERY DAY. Now I do. I didn't have anyone to hold me accountable and be sure I did the right thing consistently. 

Now I do. Before I started the program, I had only 2 or 3 clients at a time. Now, after five months, I have 7 clients at a time and am still growing. Most importantly, by next month my sales revenues will have doubled - that's 100% growth! 

If you're like me, running after clients all the time and "waiting for the right program" to join -  this is it. JOIN! You'll receive far more than you ever imagined..." 

 — Janet Granger, Marketing Strategy & Consulting 
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Boldheart Business Launch?
Once a month Fabienne will go live for two different video sessions: one Teaching and one Coaching. For each one-hour session, you will join like-minded members of our community for a live video session.
What will I get?
Live 1-hour online video sessions with Fabienne Fredrickson. A monthly training session with outline PDF available after the Training. A monthly coaching Q&A session to get clarity and support. The opportunity to learn and grow with the exclusive business coaching community.
What should I expect upon signing up?
Now it’s time for the fun to begin! You will receive a welcome email shortly with a username and password to enter the Boldheart Business Launch Member Center. Included in this email will be important information and next steps, such as access to our exclusive members-only Facebook Group. if you have any additional questions please let us know at
What if I can't attend some of the live sessions?
Not to worry! All of our video sessions are recorded and uploaded to your online Member Center to access later. As an active member, you can download the video+audio for offline viewing/listening. 
Are the sessions always on the same day and time a month?
We will send you an email each month to let you know what day and time the sessions will begin and any other resources you might need to get started.
Billing questions?
Once you have registered and selected to pay for it via monthly installments (subscription model), you will be charged the first monthly payment immediately. This payment begins the monthly charge cycle straight away and will automatically charge you on that same date next month.
How do I cancel my subscription?
If you are a part of the monthly subscription model and wish to cancel, please email at least 7 days prior to your next billing cycle charge to ensure that you will not be charged again. Your account will be deactivated and you will no longer have access to previously paid subscription months.
So Fabienne, will this really work for me?
You may have purchased other courses online that promise you the world and leave you wondering where all those promises went. Here, our number one priority is to honor our commitment to you. When you say yes to this, you are coming into an organization that wants you to succeed.

This offering is best suited to service providers, coaches, consultants, healers, practitioners and others who are in the business of enrolling clients and customers. This is NOT a high-tech internet/online marketing course. This is a training in no-cost to low-cost methods to make more money and increase cash with new revenue streams and enrolling more clients.

The system you'll be learning has been honed and perfected for over 20 years. It has earned our members and students millions upon millions of dollars in business.

So the real question to ask is will you do the work? Will you show up to do the work? Will you take action?

If yes, then I stand 100% behind the information that you will learn and the support you will receive.
How does this work?
As soon as you say yes, you'll receive all of the course details, schedule and your invitation to our community Facebook group.

As a best practice, we recommend getting everything into your calendar immediately! And most importantly, commit to following this through. Each month you are receiving training, coaching, support and accountability. You can do anything for that time when you put your mind to it!  
Is this just another marketing course? 
Simply put, no. While we teach business growth, marketing, sales and much more in our core offerings, this course is about attracting clients and making money. You'll be supported by a dynamic team, each experts in their own right. This is an implementation and execution program to make money.
I'm just starting out. Is this program for me?
Yes! I'm so glad that you found your way here so that you can learn a system that is integral, values-based, and most importantly... that works. You'll save months (if not years) of time and experience results faster than if you tried to figure this all out on your own.

Here we believe that the best learning comes from DOING and getting real-time feedback on your work. This is what you'll experience.
I consider myself a business, marketing or sales pro. Is this program for me?
Yes! I don't know about you, but as an expert I am committed to constantly sharpening my skills and up-leveling my game. You'll learn new skills, immerse yourself in your zone of excellence and get even better at the thing you're already good at. You'll be among the best of the best when you add these tools to your skillset.
I have a non-service business. Will this work for me?
Every business is in the business of making money and generating cash. While some of our language speaks specifically to enrolling clients and/or customers, easy shifts in language make what you'll learn completely applicable to selling more of your products, projects or services, profitably. We will model this in our Q&A sessions!
I'm in another industry, or my business is different from most - does the course apply to me?
Making money and generating cash is marketing 101. That's why we love it so much. In fact, this is one of the most valuable and sought after skills you can have. Of course, the methods for generating cash might be different, but the art is the same.

You'll learn to stand apart by rising above the noise. You'll learn to gracefully transition from having someone interested in what you do to being invested in what you do. That applies to any industry.
Does this cover online selling, like funnels or webinars?
Our belief (and experience) is that mastering Client Attraction will absolutely support and influence your success in selling online programs. You'll start to see patterns of the core challenges, dreams, and desires of your ideal clients. This is a fundamental understanding that you must have to succeed online! The concepts, strategies and tools for attracting clients and customers and making money can apply to different marketing channels like online funnels, webinars and more. This is not a techy deep-dive into online/internet marketing, however - it is skill-building and how-to on attracting clients and customers.
I'm in another similar program - how is this different?
We can only speak for our own results. Here at Boldheart we've been teaching business owners to succeed, while aligned to their deepest values and truth, for the better part of 20 years. We have a proven track record of success, confidently supporting committed entrepreneurs from the practice-building phase of their business all the way to scaling to 7 figures and beyond.

Our commitment to authenticity, integrity and love touches all that we do. We believe that you already know whether you are meant to join us or not. We trust your knowing.

We encourage you to review some of our client reviews for further proof.
What if I can't make Training and Q&A coaching sessions live?
All sessions and Q&As will be recorded and available to you 24/7.
How much time to will it take me to implement the training?
You will have access to the monthly video sessions for the time you are an active and paying member, so you are free to implement at your own pace and return to the content again, and again, as long as you’re an active member. If you decide to cancel your membership, you will no longer have access. That said, we highly recommend that you commit to showing up 100% and making this THE program that completely changes your results...because when you show up fully and do the work, we promise it will.